Monday, July 26


On Saturday we went to Walburg restaurant and biergarten with all of our friends. On the weekends during the summer season they open the biergarten that has a stage and dance floor and different bands each weekend. This past Saturday was the Walburg boys and they were so much fun. Brian and I got out on the dance floor and danced and had a good time! I was surprised when he asked. Jackson lasted until 8:30 that evening and didn't fuss at all. He was soooo good. I was so glad that all of our friends came with us because it wouldn't of been as much fun without them. I am sure we will go back there again for dinner and dancing before it gets too cold! Our next trip is to Houston in a couple of weeks to visit my aunt and cousins so until then....

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  1. How fun! I wish that I lived close enough that I could come with you to dinner and dancing!