Saturday, May 8

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the WONDERFUL mothers out there! I have only been a mother for 15 weeks and have loved every moment of it. I have been waiting forever to be a mom and it just blows my mind how fast it all goes by. Jackson is almost 4 months old and I can't believe how big he is getting so fast! Time really does fly. I am so thankful for my sweet little boy. He is so precious and I love seeing his smile first thing in the morning. It is by far the best way to start my day. And the best way to end my day is rocking him to sleep while singing him lullabies. He like to sit in my lap with his back to me and every so often he looks up at me to make sure I am still there and it just melts my heart. He has also started playing with his blanket in his crib and when I was laying him down for a nap he started playing with his blanket and pulling it over his face. I got the cutest picture! I caught him in the act!

We have also been laying by the pool this past week. I thought I would dip Jackson's toes in the water but it was a little too chilly for him and he cried. Here is a picture of him laying out catching some rays! He has been so good at the pool. He just sits in his car seat with the shade pulled over him. He is a really good baby. I hope he starts to enjoy the pool as he gets older and the water gets warmer!
And for the last note for this post.....Brian is coming home! WooHoo! I can't believe a whole year has passed. Brian and I spent a whole year of our marriage apart and missed out on holidays and day to day events. I have realized thru this separation that married couples take everything for granted. They don't realize how precious just sitting on the couch next to their husband is or seeing him at the end of the day after work. I watch couples in restaurants just staring off in other directions and not even paying attention to what they have sitting in front of them. It is these little moments that everyone should cherish because they can be taken away in an instant. I truly love Brian. He is my best friend and am so fortunate to have him as a part of my life. I look forward to our journey as parents and whatever else comes our way! My next post will be after his welcome home ceremony that I am so looking forward to! :)
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  1. Too bad we live so far away because we have been spending our afternoons at the pool too! One day maye we'll live close, right?! I am so excited that Brian is home with you and Jackson. I love seeing my babies and hub together. It makes me smile. Enjoy it!