Monday, April 26

Happy Birthday to ME!

So my 25th birthday has come and gone so quickly. All month I usually really look forward to my birthday but this month it was just a day that I wanted to come and go! All month the only thing on my mind was and is my husband's return from Afghanistan. I can't believe we have almost finished this year of deployment. I thank God, my family, and friends that helped me thru this hard time. I have become a stronger woman and am so proud of myself. I never thought I could do this. My heart goes out to all the military spouses that have to go through all of this time after time. I have made it through one deployment and don't look forward to the others to come but now I know I can do it!

Jackson turned 3 months old this past Saturday! I can't believe my baby has gotten so big. He is smiling more, squirming more, and talking louder and longer. It is so much fun to watch him grow. He still has some pretty intense crying fits but nothing like the ones he had the first two months. His napping has gotten slightly better but he still has some days where he goes back to his old ways like today but we make it through them. I was so tired this evening that I fell asleep sitting up in the recliner while feeding him and my mouth was hanging open. I am sure it was a beautiful sight, ha!

So not much has happened this month. Easter came and went and the days are dragging. I pulled up some ugly bushes in the frontyard flower bed and replaced them with pretty flowers. It turned out really nice. Rachel gave me a helping hand in picking out the flowers and planting them.

Aubrey has also gotten so big and she is so good around Jackson. Jackson has just now started noticing Aubrey. I have a feeling they will be best buds!

And finally Rachel and I got together and made the onesies for our boys to wear to the welcome home ceremony. They turned out so cute and I can't wait to put Jackson in his. It is a surprise on what the onesie looks like so I will post those pics with the welcome home ceremony post! Well thats all for now! I have lots to do to get ready for Brian's arrival in less than 3 weeks! Woo hoo!

Love All!


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  1. Amanda! I hope you had a great birthday. I can't believe that Brian is going to be home in 3 weeks. I almost started crying when you were talking about taking care of Jackson by yourself. You are such a good mama! I'm so proud of you and you are frequently in my prayers. I love you!

    Oh and I'm excited to see your onesies!