Sunday, February 14

The Best Gift Ever!

Wow! So much has happened and I have been so busy and exhausted that I haven't been able to keep up with the blogs. I am lucky if Jackson lets me skype with Brian, check my email, or facebook! Well, Brian came home on his R&R in January and we were able to have a nice 6 days just the two of us. We had fun just being together and laying around the house. Brian waited on me hand and foot. He made me meals for me and we went bought all the last minute things we needed for the baby. Brian was able to go to a pregnancy appointment with me too before Jackson came. He was so excited to hear the heartbeat. Then Saturday rolled around and Brian's parents came in to visit. I then went into labor that night! It was not fun. I finally got an epidural by around 4:00AM I think. It seems like all a blur because I so exhausted. Labor is no picnic. By the time it was time to push the medicine wore off. If they give you the option to stop pushing and get more medicine...DO IT! I made the mistake and tried to be brave and just get it over with. Well, I finally got more medicine and they had to pull him out with forceps because he wasn't coming out because of his positioning and the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. Needless to say, I finally got him out and now that I look back at all of it....well it was totally worth it. Brian and I could not be happier! Jackson Ryan was born on January 24th at 2:01 pm. He is perfect. Brian continued to spoil me once we got home and wouldn't let me lift a finger unless it was to hold the baby! His parents took such good care of us too. They made us meals and kept up with the house and dog. I am so thankful for all of their help because Brian and I were able to enjoy being a family at home with our sweet new addition and my recovery went a lot smoother. Here are some pictures from the hospital. There are more on facebook.Well, Brian left on Feb.3 and it was a very sad day! I think it was harder to say goodbye to him this time then it was last May. I know I only have 3 months to go but the thought of him not being here to help me and be with me made it so hard. I still am trying to cope with it. Having a baby and dealing with a deployment is not easy! Well, I better go to bed because Jackson is sleeping and I need to be sleeping too! Until next time when I actually have a moment to sit down and type this......

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  1. So proud of you Amanda! You guys make one cute family!