Saturday, January 2

New Year...New Additions

Happy New Year! I am anxiously awaiting two wonderful things this month! Brian comes home for r&r and our sweet baby boy, Jackson, is suppose to grace us with his presence at the end of the month. I am hoping everything happens on time so Brian won't miss out on the birth. I can't believe this time is finally here. Brian and I are so thrilled to be parents and can't wait! After this wonderful month and Brian heads back to Afghanistan then the countdown begins for his permanent return. I can't believe we have finally gotten to that point. This year brings GREAT things. I am so thankful I have gotten through all of this!

So the holidays are finally over. My family came and spent Christmas with me. I am so thankful that they were able to come. They helped me get through the holidays without Brian. My sister came in on the 22nd and my parents and brother got in on the 24th. We went to the Armadillo Holiday Bazaar in Austin. It is where all the local artists bring in their stuff and sell it. It was pretty neat. It snowed that afternoon. It was really pretty but melted by the end of the evening. Christmas day was nice. My sis and mom helped me prepare the turkey and all the sides. It was my first Christmas to host and it turned out great. On Sunday, we went to Austin again and met up with my Aunt Cindy and cousins. We spent the afternoon out shopping in SoCo (Congress St) shopping district. It is all unique stores. Of course my favorite was the old fashion candy store, go figure. My craving right now is sweets. Then I had to take my family to the airport the next day. It was sad to say goodbye but it was nice knowing that Brian's coming home is the next thing to look forward to.

Candy store with my sister, brother, and cousins
For New Year's Eve I was thankful I had Rachel and her sister, Audrey, to hang out with and I didn't have to spend it by myself. We watched Twilight and New Moon. Then we played the Twilight scene it. It was a fun night. I did miss my husband though. He was able to call me to wish me a Happy New Year. I have a sweet and loving husband!

Well my next few weeks will be filled with doctor appointments and getting ready for Brian's arrival as well as the arrival of our baby, so the next post will probably be after the baby is born!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL 2010!

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  1. WOw 2010 is going to be an exciting year for you! I am so excited that Brian gets to go home and I hope Jackson decides to be an early or on time babY! He needs to come a couple days after Brian gets there so you guys have a little alone time and then lots of baby time. I wish we lived close together so we could play with our babies and hang out all day! Keep me posted when little Jackson gets here! I can't wait to see him!