Sunday, June 28

Our 1 Year Anniversary!

Wow! I can't believe that a whole year has passed and this time last year I was getting ready to marry the love of my life! Well, since Brian wasn't going to be here today we cut the cake when we got back from Alabama during his block leave. The cake was so good and we ate off of it for like a week and then threw it out. It only was good for so long. My wonderful husband sent me flowers from Afghanistan and a very nice GPS for my car. He said he doesn't want me to get lost with our baby, hahaha! I do tend to get lost a little too easy lately. Even though I am alone today I am having a pretty good day. I can feel the love Brian has for me all the way across the oceans. Cheesy I know. I have talked to him a couple of times today and it is so nice to hear his voice. I also got to skype with him briefly. His internet kept messing up but it was still good to see him briefly. Here are some pictures from the cake cutting:
I had calla lillies in my bridal bouquet!
I Love Brian Michael Gulden!

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  1. What a sweet husband... even from across the seas! He must love his Amanda Jean Bryan Gulden too! I am so excited that you are pregnant! Our babies are going to be close in age! YAY!!!