Monday, October 29

Our Louisiana Trip

The weekend is over and it wasn't very eventful. It was full of errands and just hanging out with the family. So, I thought I would finally post about our trip that we took to visit our best friends, the Layfields! We met this family in Texas at Fort Hood when none of us had kids quite yet. Now four years later and four kids later we are still best friends that are separated by way too many miles. Brian and I decided about a month before the visit to go see them and booked the tickets right then. And it was one of our best decisions to this day. We flew in late on a Thursday night and had 4 wonderful days with them. We just hung out like old times and the boys played together every minute they could! It was like no time had passed and they played great together. I look forward to them playing together again. Here are some great pictures from our visit.

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