Sunday, August 26

Fishin' For Colors

Today I wanted to share a craft learning game I made for my 2 1/2 yr. old son. I got the idea from Parenting magazine. They did it with fish with math equations on them. Since my son isn't there yet I decided to use it to teach him colors. He just hasn't got the hang of colors so I wanted to try and teach him in a fun way and I was successful! He loves the game so much that he played it all afternoon. We fished on the ground, on the table, and even out of the tub, minus the water of course. I intend to use the fish to teach numbers and colors next by putting the alphabet and numbers on the fish. I simply just ask him to fish for a certain color. It is so simple but he loves the idea of fishing. So here is how I made them.  
  1. You need to get all the supplies. You will need different color foam sheets, a dowel rod, 2 pieces of string, scissors, strong magnets, a pencil, and a fish pattern.

2.  Cut out the fish pattern and trace it on each color of foam sheet. 
3.  Cut the fish out of each foam sheet.
4.  Place a magnet on each fish. I placed my magnets on as eyes on the fish. 
5.  Then cut your dowel rod in half to make 2 fishing poles. Tie a piece of string on one end of the rod. 6.  Then cut a "J" shape out of a gray or black foam sheet to make a hook. Tie the "J" on the other end of the string and place a magnet on the "J"
7.  Repeat step 6 to make the second fishing pole

The whole project cost me $7.28. And it was totally worth it when I saw the smile on his face and watched him enjoy it so much. He now wants me to make him more games so now I will be brainstorming. :) I hope your kids enjoy it as much as mine!

Don't forget Turn The Page Tuesday on Tuesday! Looking forward to see what great books everyone shares!


  1. Looks like fun! My 2 year old would love this! Thanks for the idea!

    1. You are so welcome! It was easy to put together during nap time which is always a plus! Enjoy! :)