Monday, November 21

Our New Home- After

Here are all of the after shots of our beautiful new house! I love our house and am so thankful for it. It was a lot of fun to decorate and make it our own. Jackson took right to it and had no problem adjusting to it. It is only 3 years old so we didn't have that much to do to it besides painting. The previous owners left their drapes and window coverings so some came down and some are staying up for the time being until we buy ones we want. The house is three floors. The main level has the dining room, kitchen, living room, and a half bath on it with a sliding glass door to the backyard. The upstairs is Jackson's room, Ella's room, their bathroom, the laundry room, and our bedroom and bathroom. The basement is finished with nice carpet and has a 4th bedroom and a full bath. We made it into the guest room and bathroom for when company comes. The basement is also where our desk is and is Jackson's playroom.   Now on to the pictures! The first couple are of the front entry hall coming into the house.

 The dining room still has the old curtains up but they will be coming down and changed out at some point. I also am still thinking about some wall sconces on each side of the mirror on the wall.

 This is the kitchen and I love it. It is open and connects with the dining room and living room. It is so nice to let Jackson play or watch a movie and I can make dinner. 

 This is the living room. It doesn't look very big but it is just the right size for our family and cozy. 

 This is the stairs to the upstairs. 

 Jackson's room still has the crib for now but he will be getting a toddler bed shortly after he turns two and the new baby is here.

 This is the kids' bathroom. I had so much fun with this one. Jackson picked out the theme and he loves it. The previous owners left a really long beaded curtain on the window and we cut it and spray painted it blue to resemble bubbles. I am still thinking of putting up a window valance to finish the look.

 Hallway into master bedroom. On the left side of this hallway is the laundry room and on the right is Ella's room.
 This is the master bathroom. I love this bathroom. We have never had a big garden tub and now we have one. I LOVE IT! We also have a walk-in closet but I didn't take a picture of it.

 Master Bedroom

 We painted Ella's room a pale yellow but the lighting in this picture isn't good. We haven't done anything else to it. She has Jackson's old dresser and changing table in it. We haven't hung anything on the walls and I am thinking about dying some curtains for her room that we already have. We shall see how that turns out.
 This is the half bath on the main level. Brian wanted a nautical theme so this is what we have so far.

 This is the basement. There is a door behind Jackson on the left that goes into the guest bedroom and on the right is the bathroom. We have left the drapes from the previous owners up. We also have left the blinds up but those will come down at some point.

 This is the guest bedroom. We still have to change the drapes. We painted the back wall in here because it was a lime green.
 This is the guest bathroom in the basement. We also painted a wall in here because it was black with green dots. I am not sure what the previous owners were thinking. Brian also chose the them for this bathroom as hunting lodge. I am happy with it as is he!

 The picture in the frame is of Brian and two of his good friends with our dog Aubrey. They had just got done shooting birds and they are lined up in front of Aubrey. I thought it was fitting for the bathroom.
Well, that's all for now. Once I finish Ella's room I will post those pictures.
My next post will be after Thanksgiving because we are going to Disney World so Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :)

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  1. Oh your house is just gorgeous. I'm in love with the colours and I love Jackson's room. So lovely! Well done :-)