Monday, July 11

4th of July Weekend

The 4th of July came and went so fast! We have been planning this trip to Sanibel Island, Florida for about a month and have been so excited. And of course it came and went so quickly. We got to go and spend the four day weekend with Brian's parents and his Aunt Jean, Uncle Bob, and his cousin Kelly. It was so nice and the weather was great. We went the year before but Jackson was too little to enjoy it so this year he actually enjoyed himself to a certain extent. He played in the sand and the water once he got use to it. He really enjoyed going in the water at night during the low tide and looking for crabs. He even held them in his hands. We look forward to the the coming years as he gets older and really enjoys the beach. We hope to make this trip as annual as we can. Here are a few pictures from our quick getaway! We are already looking forward to when we can go again!

After a night walk on the beach and looking for crabs
Crab hunting with Aunt Jean and Cousin Kelly
My small catch after fishing
The Bubble Room Gorilla Cage
Fun day at the beach
Looking at Uncle Bob's big catch

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