Sunday, October 11

So Much To Tell...

I would post pictures but of course I am still in Madison and don't have my camera cord so this post will just be filled with information. First things first and that is Brian and I are having a BOY! We are so thrilled and have decided to name him Jackson. We will call him Jack for short just like Brian's dad. Both of our parents are so excited as well as the rest of our family. Even though Brian wasn't able to come with me to that ultrasound appointment I was able to share the moment with him later on Skype. I had the tech put the gender in an envelope and then I opened it while talking to him. My good friend Rachel was able to come with me to the ultrasound and share the wonderful experience with me.
After that I made the 13 hour drive home to Madison. I came home for Ashlee's bachelorette weekend at the beach and then my baby shower that my mom and sis threw for me. So, I was home for the whole month. The shower turned out great and was so much fun. Brian and I got some very cute and wonderful stuff. We thank all of our family and friends for their gifts and support.
So then I was suppose to leave on the Monday following the shower but ended up in the hospital. I was experiencing a sharp pain and it wasn't going away. I was having contractions and ended up staying just the night. They gave me a muscle relaxer to stop them and sent me home that morning. I thought everything was okay and then planned my drive back to Texas for that Saturday and my mom decided to come with me. She didn't want to send me driving by myself in case something else happened. So Saturday rolls around and we go to pick up Aubrey from Brian's parents house and I once again started having sharp pains. BUT this time much worse and very constant so we decided to go back to the ER just to get it checked out. So after hours of sitting in a trauma room and pain so bad I was throwing up they finally gave me some pain medicine and an ultrasound. They said baby looks fine but we think you have kidney stones! They then gave me an x-ray but only a small short one because they didn't want to expose the baby to much radiation. By this point I am in so much pain and now freaked out that my baby is in danger. Well, the x-ray didn't come out very good and they couldn't see any kidney stones in my left kidney where all the pain was coming from but my right kidney is very inflamed and they couldn't understand why there was no pain on that side. I am then transferred to labor and delivery and spend the remaining of my stay there. So Monday rolls around and I have still not passed any kidney stones but the pain is still there. The urologist finally comes to see me and informs he is going to put me under for a procedure. I won't go into great detail because it is unpleasant and painful. I am finally sent home Wednesday morning and my 5 day visit comes to an end. The outcome is two stints and lots of pain. Turns out that I did have a kidney stone in my left kidney and Jack is already pushing on my right kidney and causing blockage and that is why it was inflamed. One stint is permanent till the end of the pregnancy! The worst week of my life! Now, after all these complications I have chosen to stay in Madison till after Ashlee's wedding, Nov.7, or I would miss it. I could never miss my best friend's wedding! So that has been my interesting life for the past two months. Hopefully nothing else happens and my posts are all boring up until the birth of our sweet baby boy Jackson!
Oh, and I get to see Brian in like 96 days!!! WooHoo!
So until next time... God Bless!

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  1. Oh my gosh... Amanda! I am glad that everything turned out okay and that my little nephew is still growing healthy inside of you! Stay healthy!