Thursday, April 2

Brian is a 1st Lieutenant!

Brian's promotion ceremony was this morning and I had the honor of promoting him. I got to tear off his old rank from his chest and put on his new one. You are then suppose to punch them in the chest but I just lightly punched him. I have a lot of learning to do about all the Army ways. When Brian first told me I was suppose to punch him I thought he was joking. Why wouldn't I. He is always saying something that is a joke and sometimes I can't decide when he is being serious. Brian has really been looking forward to this day because of course he got a pay raise as well! I was told by all the soldiers to try not go and spend it all. They obviously don't know me because I don't spend money that easily. Enjoy the pictures from this wonderful moment!

Brian's Platoon Seargeant putting his new rank on his hat!

Brian and Captain Grabenbaeur

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  1. Way to go Brian! I would have given him a nice punch, joking or not :)