Tuesday, October 21

Halloween Time

Halloween is approaching and Brian and I are preparing for all the trick-or-treaters. We are expecting a lot since we live on post and there are so many kids. We carved pumpkins a couple of weekends ago and had so much fun. Can you guess which one I carved....if you need help it is the one right next to our adorable Aubrey! As soon as we put the pumpkins down she started licking them. Aubrey keeps our lives interesting!

Here are our wonderful creations at night all lit up!
Our wonderful family!

I took a sub job last week for 4 days and it was very interesting. It was ISS (in-school suspension) for an elementary school. Believe it or not but I did have prekinder kids in there. The older boys (5th graders) were good because they did their work but the the younger ones were a little frustrating. They would get frustrated and either act out or cry. I will never forget this as my first experience as a sub. Recently I threw a baby shower for our friends Rachel and Wes and I made a diaper cake. I learned how to make roses out of baby socks and they were not easy. I had a fun making it and look forward to making them as gifts for all my friends that have babies!


  1. What a cute little family! I love your pumpkins! Oh and that diaper cake! Amazing! You need to teach me how. I want to know all your little secrets, sock roses and all!

  2. I made a diaper cake for Jen's shower but it didn't look as good as yours. I didn't even attempt sock roses!